James W. Reid and Carolyn M. Glynn have worked together for over two decades as partners in the Trusts and Estates practice groups of two Manhattan law firms prior to establishing Reid Glynn, LLP on January 1, 2011. They assist successful families and entrepreneurs around the world structure their assets in a way that will preserve their wealth now and for future generations. Ms. Glynn and Mr. Reid collaborate on virtually all client matters to ensure that each client has the full attention and complete access to the top tier. Each client’s concerns are always given the prompt and professional attention of the firm’s leaders.

Sophisticated legal advice.

Reid Glynn, LLP concentrates on wealth structuring and succession planning for high net-worth U.S. and foreign individuals and families by drafting and advising on all aspects of wills, trusts and related estate planning documents. The firm also provides advice on useful lifetime gifting techniques, post-death estate planning elections and opportunities, and all issues related to the management and taxation of inter-generational transfers. Reid Glynn, LLP provides sophisticated legal advice to ensure that all transfer taxes that may affect a client or a client’s estate are minimized to the greatest extent possible while constructing each plan so that it has the flexibility and elegance that achieves each client’s particular personal non-tax goals. Reid Glynn, LLP represents a great number of individual and corporate fiduciaries in connection with a wide range of estate and trust administration matters. Its advice to clients includes the modernization and amendments of older trusts and guidance on tax compliance with respect to various trust investments.

Meaningful Client Relationships.

The partners of Reid Glynn, LLP pride themselves on having maintained numerous meaningful client relationships with families possessing generational wealth over the last several decades by delivering thorough and insightful estate planning advice with compassion and legal expertise. The firm’s objective is to provide practical and effective solutions to their clients’ particular needs in the most cost-efficient manner. While Mr. Reid and Ms. Glynn devote the majority of their time to more complex estate and tax planning or administrative issues, they also advise clients in connection with a variety of non-tax, “human” issues that are sometimes more important to clients than any potential tax savings. Clients often comment that they most appreciate the ease with which Mr. Reid and Ms. Glynn provide technical advice in their “user-friendly” style and present estate planning documents in a way that is thoughtful and easy to understand. They pride themselves on being legal “family doctors” who seek to foster a relationship with the client’s entire family so as to integrate goals seamlessly and to understand all aspects of a given family’s dynamics.

When putting your estate planning concerns in the hands of Reid Glynn, LLP, you are ensuring that your wealth transition is grounded on a firm but self-adjusting platform that is tax efficient and emotionally satisfying.